Fedora 1 (Long brim)

Gran Ranchero 



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Paso fino

$175 - $250

*​​U/A (upon availibility)

Brim: 3" (8cm) approximately
Crown: 4" (10cm)
Color: Bleached
Origin of weave: Cuenca

Quality: High to Very High

It is perfect for the outdoors because of its wide coverage. The Brim has an additional trim (ribete) on its brim hiding a plastic ring that gives a higher quality structure. This hat is best used with the front brim upward and the back downward or upward.

F1-Borsalino Style (Long brim)  

Paso Fino

Please call during our business hours from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (GMT/UTC) to place an order or personally assist you.
Your order will arrive in a box.
We deliver to the United States.

Our products vary according to availability of:
Selected size
Brim length
Quality and type of weave

We have an ample variety of sizes: very small to extremely large.

Our hats are entirely handmade. Since they are handcrafted there are variations, making each hat unique.

The traditional way of putting a hat on is starting front (forehead) to back. It should be placed a little above the eyebrows, almost touching the ears and to the top of the neck (back of the head). This makes the hat sit firmly on the head and not run the risk of it blowing off with the wind. Some people prefer a deeper look tucking the ears under.

Sometimes the crown will sit higher in proportion to the hat size.

Our hats have an additional reinforcement stitching on the exterior borders of the brim (ribete).

Use your hands to form the position of the brim. These are the most common positions:
1. All upwards.
2. Front downwards and back upwards.
3. All downwards.
Our hats are lightweight and flexible. When you try them on you will notice the attractive curvature that characterizes a Panama hat separating itself from other hats that have a flat and plain aspect due to their heavy and rigid materials.

Keep your hat´s form protecting it from heavy rain.

F2-Borsalino Style (Short brim)

Fedora 3 


Fedora 2 (Short brim)